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Gizapaw is proud to introduce the latest addition to our product range, the GizaYard Cycle Cam.

Our latest product range has been designed to encourage motorists to drive safely around cyclists. This will help achieve Gizayard's aim of reducing the number of accidents involving cyclists.

Our reflective and hi-vis tabard promotes the idea of safety not only through warning, but also by recording via a small attachable camera.

We have just been granted permission by Transport For London to develop a new product for the Santander Bikes in London.

You can purchase Gizayard products via our BUY page.

We also provide a waterproof casing for our micro cameras, allowing for the cameras to be used outside in all weather. Please email for more info.

This product will provide you with the evidence of any accidents you are involved in.





Our new wireless camera (see images on right) streams footage from the camera onto a smartphone, whilst recording footage and audio onto a micro SD card.

Exclusive to Gizapaw Safety Products. Tabards conform to British Standards Certification.

GizaYard Hi Vis Tabards have been backed by scientific evidence provided by the University of Brunnel as the most effective garment used by cyclists to encourage cars to keep their distance.

Audio can be enabled on all video recordings